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The application process at Social Brothers consists of a number of phases. During these phases you will get to know Social Brothers, various potential new colleagues and you will make an assessment to show which skills you have. Depending on the position for which you are applying, these phases may differ. You will hear this during your introductory meeting.


The first step is to submit your application. A motivation letter isn’t necessary, but please enclose your resumé. You will receive a response within a few days.


If your profile matches our expectations, we will invite you for an introduction. This will be a conversation of up to 1 hour. In this interview you will hear everything about the position and together we will determine whether the position and the company are right for you.


After a good click during the introduction, you will have the opportunity to make an assessment that has been made for this position. In this assessment, your substantive skills are tested and you can immediately see what you have to offer.

Second interview

When you have rocked the assessment and the click between you and the company is good, we will invite you for a second interview at our office. During this interview you will get to know your direct supervisor and the HR Employee. You indicate what your ambitions are and why you think you fit Social Brothers and the position.


After the second interview, it’s time to tie the knot for both of us. We will come up with a contract proposal if we are positive and we are of course very curious about your response.

Frequently Asked Questions


What does an assessment look like?

The assessment is different for each vacancy. For each vacancy we have made a specific assignment that the applicant can perform. With one vacancy you make a website and with another we expect a fictitious design. Based on this assignment, we can see how seriously someone takes the assignment and what someone's skills are.

Is there always an Assessment?

We will ask for an assessment with every application. If this is really different, we will indicate this in the 1st meeting.

Kan ik me voorbereiden op de assessment?

This is often not necessary. The assignment is really about your skills that you have at that moment.


When will I receive a response to my application?

We aim to respond to your application within a week.

Is the first meeting at the office?

In the past 2 years, the first conversations were often online. We aim to make the first calls in the office when the weather is allowed again.

How long does the entire application process take?

We aim to complete the entire application process in a maximum of 3 weeks. How long this process takes often also depends on the date of submission of the assessment.

Induction procedure

What will my first months look like?

In the first months you will get used to your new work location. During these months you will watch a lot with colleagues, follow courses and get to know the way we work. We think it is important that you get to know the company and your colleagues well and that you will be able to learn more quickly in your role within the company

First job interview

Can I prepare something for the first meeting?

That is not necessarily necessary. It is nice if you have read about the company and if you know what the position entails. Test the tool we use for online meetings beforehand: Google Meet.

Which tool do you use for the first online conversation?

We use Google Meet for this. You don't have to install an app for this, because you can do this via your browser.

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I worked at KLM as an analyst, but I was looking for a more dynamic environment, where I could be more creative and takemore control of my own work. I was looking for a digital click and innovation. Then I saw a vacancy on LinkedIn for a project manager at Social Brothers. The vacancy suited me exactly. From my studies I have an affinity with IT. At Social Brothers I am involved in different facets: marketing, design and development and that makes me the spider in the web within those teams. This job offers exactly the variety and the young environment I was looking for! I’ve been working at Social Brothers for three months now, but it feels like I’ve been working here for a long time.

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Business Developer Niels de Leng speaking

With an office in Rotterdam, we at Social Brothers want to further expand our market to the city in South Holland. We have Niels for that, with his background at companies such as Hes Botlek Tank Terminal, Verwater and board member at the Jong Havenvereniging, he is the perfect link between Social Brothers and the market in Rotterdam.

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Working at Social Brothers, according to Developer Ryence

Ryence Hörmann has been working as a front end developer at Social Brothers for four years. He started as an intern and progressed to full-time front-end developer.

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