Business Developer Niels de Leng speaking

Written by Niels de Leng on February 18, 2019.

With an office in Rotterdam, we at Social Brothers want to further expand our market to the city in South Holland. We have Niels for that, with his background at companies such as Hes Botlek Tank Terminal, Verwater and board member at the Jong Havenvereniging, he is the perfect link between Social Brothers and the market in Rotterdam.

Rotterdam, a city where you are very well known? Tell us something about that

So I am Niels de Leng (27), originally a real Brabander, but I have been living in Rotterdam for a number of years now. With a Social Brothers office in Rotterdam I am the right link, because in recent years I have built up a nice portfolio of connections, not only in Rotterdam but throughout the Netherlands. I like to use this to put Social Brothers on the map more broadly.

How did you end up here?

Through the iTanks network I came into contact with Steven Ammerlaan. At first I expected to work for a typical Rotterdam port company. When Steven told me more about what Social Brothers does and wants to do, I became enthusiastic. The port of Rotterdam is lagging behind in terms of digitization, which you might not expect. I saw a great opportunity for Social Brothers in that. I wanted to work in a company that is eager to innovate, and Social Brothers is full of ambition and fresh ideas. The Rotterdam way I would say don't talk about innovation, but really do something. Exactly what I was looking for.

What will you be doing at Social Brothers?

I take on the role of Business Developer which means that I dive into sales! In short, this will mean that I will be doing customer contact. And let the whole world hear how cool Social Brothers is and what we can do here in the different work areas! My work activities will vary, I can be found at the office for a day but in general I am on the road a lot, talking to people and connecting people. That's what I'm good at, assessing people and looking a step further. However, the ambition that Social Brothers has with an army of talented, ambitious employees really appealed to me. I like to take on challenges and I certainly do at Social Brothers! The atmosphere in the office is contagious, it makes you work just that little bit harder.

What can customers wake you up for?

Basically everything that has to do with digitization. That varies from a website to Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality and more. Social Brothers has a nose for innovation. When a customer has a problem or question, Social Brothers can think along well, like a spider in the web. We take you where you want to go, in half the time. We are also experts in WordPress, so don't hesitate to give me a call if you have any plans regarding this program!

What talents will you bring (if you say so yourself)?

Actually, I make my hobby my job, namely connecting people and creating cool things with it! In recent years I have done this out of personal interest, a lot in and around the port of Rotterdam, and I will now professionally convert this into my role within Social Brothers. Of course I am also working on projects outside Rotterdam, questions or interested? I'd love to talk to you (so you can also wake me up).

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