Introducing: Projectmanager Sophie de Haan

Written by Sophie de Haan on May 19, 2020.

Sophie de Haan is 25 and has been working as a project manager at Social Brothers for three months. She studied Creative Technology and Human-Computer Interaction in Enschede. She also studied in Stockholm for a year. We ask her some questions to get to know her better.

How did you end up at Social Brothers?

I worked at KLM as an analyst, but I was looking for a more dynamic environment, where I could be more creative and takemore control of my own work. I was looking for a digital click and innovation. Then I saw a vacancy on LinkedIn for a project manager at Social Brothers. The vacancy suited me exactly. From my studies I have an affinity with IT. At Social Brothers I am involved in different facets: marketing, design and development and that makes me the spider in the web within those teams. This job offers exactly the variety and the young environment I was looking for! I've been working at Social Brothers for three months now, but it feels like I've been working here for a long time.

What do you do at Social Brothers?

As a project manager my work is very diverse. I am involved in every facet of the process to launch a website, for example. My main tasks are customer contact and process monitoring. I contribute ideas about data research and design. I ensure that the customer's vision is translated, I monitor the process progress and when it goes live I ensure that the end product is actually in place. In terms of content and process, I am therefore involved in many facets. I supervise both longer projects, such as the Mensely knowledge base, and shorter projects. For NS Samen Sterk we have created a cool internal campaign in collaboration with Enof. The website has now been used 25,000 times.

The first project that went live under Sophie's leadership is the reality check of the ABP Pension Fund.

What is it like to be a project manager in times of corona?

I think the great thing is that this time makes the possibilities very clear. This time sheds light on the human and customer contact I have in a completely different way. I'm on the phone all day. Before the crisis I went to visit a customer and it took four hours. Now that everything is going digital, you often have the same result more efficiently.

Furthermore, it is cool to see how customers continue. Now that it is generally accepted that we cannot see each other, we will communicate more efficiently and clearly and we will call immediately if something is not quite right. Others are now also seeing the possibilities of working digitally, which we as an IT company have known for a long time.

Which talents will you bring to Social Brothers?

Enthusiasm, cheerfulness and feminine lightheartedness. And because I know something about every sector, I can keep up with every team. I can ensure connection within Social Brothers and I can clarify communication.

What can customers/colleagues wake you up for?

I would love to collaborate on an app for the smartwatch. I like wearable technology. If something comes out on that market, I really like it and if I could lead a project for such an app, it would be really cool.

What else do you want to share?

The great thing about Social Brothers is that very beautiful things are created in a very short time. It's cool to see that it always works out. If it is really important, everyone will go for it and then it will work. That's cool. I do have every week that I think is impossible and by the end of the week we fixed it. It's nice to be a part of that.

Do you want to work with Sophie? Check here to see if there is a vacancy for you!