Where is your ambition?

Our ambition is to be able to help our customers develop their new website, an application or help them with their online marketing.
How do we do that? With a group of more than 50 enthusiastic and ambitious professionals, who go for the extreme every day!

Internship at Social Brothers

An internship at Social Brothers is not just an internship. At Social Brothers you will have the opportunity to develop into a junior employee in your field during your internship. You will receive one-on-one guidance from a professional from your team and you can quickly participate in assignments for our customers. In this way you get to know the professional field and you can really prepare for the professional field.

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What are you waiting for?

Social Brothers strives to offer people with ambition and need to develop a place where that is possible. Are you ready for the next step in your professional development? Let us know and you may soon step into a world where you can realize your ambition!

Apply now!


The first step is to submit your application. A motivation letter isn’t necessary, but please enclose your resum√©. You will receive a response within a few days.


If your profile matches our expectations, we will invite you for an introduction. This will be a conversation of up to 1 hour. In this interview you will hear everything about the position and together we will determine whether the position and the company are right for you.


After a good click during the introduction, you will have the opportunity to make an assessment that has been made for this position. In this assessment, your substantive skills are tested and you can immediately see what you have to offer.

Second interview

When you have rocked the assessment and the click between you and the company is good, we will invite you for a second interview at our office. During this interview you will get to know your direct supervisor and the HR Employee. You indicate what your ambitions are and why you think you fit Social Brothers and the position.


After the second interview, it’s time to tie the knot for both of us. We will come up with a contract proposal if we are positive and we are of course very curious about your response.