Introducing: Content Specialist Lisanne Vroomen

Written by Lisanne Vroomen on June 12, 2020.

Lisanne Vroomen has been a Content Specialist for Social Brothers since March 2020. She mainly works with blogs and other content for the website of Social Brothers and WP Brothers. She also supports the marketing team and writes content for clients.

How did you end up at Social Brothers?

Via the Werkenbij website of Social Brothers! That's how I found out that a copywriter was being sought here. This vacancy appealed to me, not only because the work fits in well with my background as a Dutch technician and communications officer, but because Social Brothers struck me as a very nice place to work. After conversations with Luuk, Steven and Melvin, I found my new workplace here.

What will you be doing at Social Brothers?

As a copywriter I will of course write texts. I do this for both the Social Brothers website and the WP Brothers website. I will be writing blogs on topics relevant to SB and WP. These are very diverse topics, from Augmented Reality and Headless CMS to the benefits of WordPress. I look forward to delving further into all of these topics. In addition, I will also take on a bit of text editing and also start writing for clients.

Which talents will you bring to Social Brothers?

As a humanities scholar and a Dutch scientist, I have a different background than my colleagues. I am an expert on text and language. I make sure that every text is perfectly in order, both in terms of spelling and grammar, as well as in terms of connection with the target group and SEO. Structured texts with clear language without making concessions to the content, that is my trademark.

What can colleagues wake you up for?

A dt-mistake on the website. I will improve it right away!

What else do we need to know about you?

In the past I studied the Digital Humanities at the University of Antwerp. This is a field that examines what new digital resources can mean for the humanities. For example, using computer programs for text analysis, I have gained new insights into medieval texts. As an alpha, I therefore have more affinity with IT than you would initially think.

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